How to Download Messenger Messages from Facebook?

Step 1. Open Facebook and log into your facebook account.
Step 2. Open Facebook Account Center and click Download or transfer information.
Step 1. Click Specific types of information.
Step 2. Scroll down to find and click Messages. Then click Next.
Step 3. Choose Download to device. Then click Next.
Step 4. Click Date range and change ‘Last year’ to the appropriate timeframe for the messages you need to export and click Save.
    Click Format. Change ‘HTML’ to JSON and click Save.
    Click Media quality. Change to the appropriate value you need.
    Click Create files.
Step 5. It will take several minutes for Facebook to process your request. When your data is ready, Facebook will send you a notification via both email and the Facebook website/app.

When your download is ready, Go to Facebook Account Center, you will see an entry labeled Available Downloads.
Click the Download button to download the .zip file to your computer. If there are multiple zip files, make sure to download all of them.
Please enter your facebook password.

Note: All of your downloaded messages are stored locally on your computer, ensuring their privacy. Only you have access to them.
Download the .zip file to your computer
Download the .zip file to your computer
Tansee iPhone Message Transfer or Tansee Android Message Transfer can extract the zip file(s) downloaded from Facebook.
Tansee can be used to save all Facebook Messenger messages, including all attachments, as PDF files.
After downloading the zip file(s) from Facebook, please download and install the latest version of Tansee iPhone Message Transfer here.
Alternatively, you can download and install the latest version of Tansee Android Message Transfer here.
1. Open either Tansee iPhone Message Transfer or Tansee Android Message Transfer.
2. Click on the 'Read Messenger Messages' option.
3. Select the zip file that contains your Facebook messages.
4. Click on 'Read zip files' and Tansee will automatically extract and display all of your messages.
5. Once Tansee has finished reading all of your messages, click on the save button and select the PDF file format.